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Fundraiser Coordinator (FC) meets / speaks with S4K to discuss fundraiser details and goals.
FC downloads 2 items: FC information packet, Confirmation letter.


FC informs students of fundraiser product and format. Participants visit web site for product review. Students introduce the fundraiser and website to family, neighbors and friends thru conversation, email, text, facebook and social media. All orders and payments are placed on website only. Students will have no need to collect cash/checks. Payments are processed thru school pay portal making verification of orders and payments collected easy for school review.


At end of Fundraiser time period, S4K send report to FC of order and amount collected. Report will show : Student name, school, activity/sport, teacher/coach, customer name, phone number and email address, and order. Verification emails are automatically sent to customer at time of order.


Orders ship 2-4 week. Profit from fundraiser will be issued by check to the school and will be delivered with shipment.

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