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Are there any upfront costs?
No. All orders are prepaid. There is nothing to order.
How long should the fundraiser last?
10 to 14 days. The shorter the time period, the greater the urgency to get the products sold!
How much profit:

Bracelets / Keychains : Profit for schools :

50% of purchase of Custom & Armed Force
40% of purchase of Licensed (NFL, NHL, MLB, NCAA)

How is the money collected?
Money is collected at the time of sale and order on the Smart4kids.us website. All orders and payments are done entirely online.
There will be no collection of cash or check. Payment is processed thru the School Pay site.
How do we get pre-order forms?
Downloads  for the Fundraising Coordinator/Coach and are available on website.
How are the orders collected?
All orders are placed on the Smart4Kids.us website. There are no order forms for the kids to collect. Online orders will record student name, school, sport/activity, coach/teacher, customer name, phone number, email address and order. Report will all transaction will be sent to Fundraiser Coordinator/Coach.
Do I have to sort products after delivery?
Yes. Bags will be supplied for distribution. Volunteer will be needed to separate individual orders and disperse. Older students always need volunteer hour for their sports and groups. More participation equals greater profit for school and activity.
Can sales be broken down into school activity and student?
Yes. A breakdown into each sport or activity group can be produced as well as individual sales. This will help a school Fundraiser Coordinator who is working with multiple sports and activities at the same time correctly allocating the profits to the right group.
What about reorders:
Schools have the ability to make 30-40% on reorders. Please discuss terms with Tim Mosur at tim.mosur@smart4kids.us.
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